Invercauld Highlanders


If you are interested in becoming an Invercauld Highlander, you are kindly invited to contact our Invercauld Highlander Commanders [email protected] 


While the beginning of the Invercauld Highlanders is still unknown, we know that a group of the Clan Farquharson was ready to march in front of King George IV on his famous trip to Edinburgh on August 16 1822. The group began sometime between the end of the Act of Proscription on July 1, 1782 and the founding of the Braemar Wrights Friendly Society in July 1815.

Among their many engagements, the Invercauld Highlanders welcomed Queen Victoria to Deeside during her inaugural trip to the place that she would fall in love with. They would also become fixtures of the Braemar Gathering in both welcoming the Royal Family and guests to Braemar Castle and Invercauld House when the Games were held at those locations and acting as the rear guard during the March of the Clans.

The arrival of World War Two brought on the long hiatus of the Invercauld Highlanders. Their final march was during the 1938 Braemar Gathering. The Chief of Clan Farquharson, Madame Myrtle Farquharson of Invercauld was killed in a 1941 Luftwaffe raid against London. It wouldn’t be until 1949 that her nephew Captain Alwyne A. Compton was recognized as the Chief of Clan Farquharson and granted the Arms of Invercauld. An attempt by the Chief in July of 1951 to reform the Invercauld Highlanders was unsuccessful.

So now, 76 years after the last time they marched, the Invercauld Highlanders were rediscovered by a small group of members of the Clan Farquharson in North America. In December 2014 Captain Farquharson of Invercauld was presented with the desire to reform the group. Happily on December 26, 2014 the permission was granted that the Invercauld Highlanders of North America could form.

They were given the following mandates:

Create a Uniform Marching Unit based on the original Invercauld Highlanders and made up of people with ancestry that is connected to the Clan Farquharson.

Assist the Clan Farquharson societies all over the world to ensure their success.

Discover all the information about the original Invercauld Highlanders, including names, resting places, photographs, and videotape.

Reclaim any item known to have belonged to a Invercauld Highlander uniform for the future enjoyment of the Clan Farquharson.

Assist with preserving Clan Farquharson sites, including the Cairn na Cuimhne, Braemar Castle, the remains of Inverey House, the remains of Monaltrie House and the Farquharson Crypt in Breda.

One of our projects is to help to revive and grow the Invercauld Highlanders to surpass their former glory. We hope to see new recruits being welcomed, trained and formally invested every year.

If you are interested in becoming an Invercauld Highlander, you are kindly invited to contact our Invercauld Highlander Commanders [email protected]

Thank you.